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Product Name: Universal Appointments Program for Physicians
Price (US$): 19.00
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Q: Why is it named, Universal Appointments Program for Physicians? A: Because, it will work for any Doctor with any specialty under any Medical System in any country.  

Apart from the universal feature, its intuitive user interface makes it equally appealing for doctors world-wide.
Yes, with its intuitive user interface designed so naturally to the way appointments are created or managed in real life, that we can guarantee that once program setup is completed you would be using it like a pro with minimum or no dependency on the accompanying user manual.
To give you an idea of all the features built into the program, you may want to browse through the User Manual included here. Click on the link above to download a PDF copy of the User Manual.
In this user manual, a section is devoted to a quick tour of the product. Go through this User Manual to find out how easy it is to create new appointments, edit existing appointments, reschedule appointments, or Cancel appointments. You can get a printout (hard copy) of appointments for any day(s).
You can search the database for any past appointment based on Patient Last Name, First Name, Phone, Insurance, etc., or any combination of such search criteria. Based on a past appointment you can create future appointments without having to enter patient information again.
Any appointment cancelled but not re-scheduled will not get lost. Instead, it is moved over to a special area of the program called the Recall Pool. From here the appointment could be easily rescheduled by office staff at some appropriate time. With this feature, cancelled appointments are prevented from “falling through the cracks” in case the patient does not call in later to reschedule the cancelled appointment. Each appointment is money, and the Recall Pool feature makes sure that no appointment gets lost.
Often, a doctor would like to take day(s) off, and would not want appointments to be scheduled for the period he/she is on vacation, out to attend a conference, or simply not available. To ensure that no mistakes happen here, an important feature is included to block day(s) to prevent appointments from being inadvertently created for that period.
As yet another feature, the program conveniently displays appointment statistics on the status bar. For any given day, you can see the total appointments scheduled for that day, net cancellations that day, a breakdown of both New and Follow-up patients – imagine, all of this information conveniently displayed on the status bar near the bottom of the program window.
Another feature that both the doctor and the staff would love included is the appointments count (forecast) for each day for the next several days. This allows the doctor and the staff to immediately get a quick glimpse of how heavily or lightly the days are booked over the next several days. Based on this information, it becomes easier to maintain a well balanced schedule for each day.
The program also provides the ability to backup the complete appointments database as often as you would like. In case of a problem, the built-in Restore command is available to easily restore the system from an existing back up.
The ability to expand the database to append a new calendar year (2010, 2011, 2013, etc) allows the business to smoothly flow from year to year making this program perfectly scalable for ever-expanding businesses.
To help avoid tampering of sensitive data or settings by front desk personnel, accidentally or intentionally, all such sensitive data or settings are protected with a special Administrator account. Only the doctor or someone he/she appoints as the Office Manager will be get this Administrator account for all kind of Admin work.
One more feature worth mentioning is its support of multiple users. Any one computer could be selected as the server with the application folder shared out from this computer for use by other network users. Simply install the application on each client PC but use and run the executable file in the network share. To make it even easier, the Administrator could create a shortcut on each client machine that points to the application executable inside the network share. This important network feature allows several staff members to use this scheduling application simultaneously from the convenience of their individual computers. A Refresh button is provided to allow each network user to view the updated database as appointments get updated continuously by different staff members working on different computers.
These were just a few of the several features packaged with this powerful application. Get a copy of this application today and discover on your own all the cool features incorporated into this program.