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Course: > Regents Biology: Self-paced Computer-based Video lessons
Instructor Name: TBA
Price (US$): 99.00
Course Location: Self-paced Computer-based Video Lectures (available only at the Flushing Office)
Course Start Date: On Demand
Course Duration: One Month
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Remarks: Class Code: RBIO-INDIV05
Course Contents

Q: How can students benefit from this Self-paced computer-based Video training program ?

A: Our computer-based training modules are the most cost-effective learning tools in the industry.

Students get to watch actual video lectures from experienced and highly qualified tutors. In these video lectures, the instructors do not rush through a topic. Instead, each topic is presented in the same details as one would expect in a conventional classroom setting.

Any topic in a video could be repeated as many times as would be required to understand that topic thoroughly.

So in essence, these computer-based video presentations allow a student to progress through the course at a rate that best suits his/her aptitude. Being truly self-paced these video lessons are extremely effective at grasping concepts thoroughly.

Most importantly, unlike Self-paced training offered at other places, our self-paced training modules include tons of practice problems to arm the students with the required problem solving skills enabling them to do well at their school exams and on the Regents exams.

The list of topics covered by the videos is provided in the box below.

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Our special pricing makes these computer-based Self-paced video tutorials extremely affordable.

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A: You can simply pay online, or call (718) 888-7755 (during normal business hours) and we will have someone help you right away. Or, you may visit our office (see our “Contact Us” webpage for the address and the directions) and pay in person. If you decide to pay online, an email will be sent out to you to confirm the payment. We will then have someone call you within about 24Hrs of your payment to help you schedule your first session.

Biology Regents
1. Organization of Life
    A. Living vs. Nonliving
    B. Population Diversity
    C. Organizational Levels
    D. Cell Structure
    E. Life Functions
    F. Cellular Communication
2. Heredity and Genetics
    A. DNA
    B. Asexual v. Sexual Heredity
    C. Protein Synthesis
    D. Genetic Engineering
3. Evolution: Change Over Time
    A. Natural Selection
    B. Mutations
    C. Variation
4.Reproduction and Development
    A. Asexual Reproduction
    B. Sexual Reproduction
    C. Human Reproductive System
    D. Development
5. Homeostasis
    A. Biochemical Processes
    B. Disease
    C. Feedback Mechanisms
6. Ecology
    A. Biotic vs. Abiotic
    B. Energy Flow
    C. Material Cycles
    D. Organism Relationships
    E. Biodiversity
    F. Ecological Succession
7. Human Impact on the Environment
    A. Interrelationships
    B. Technological Developments
    C. Improvements
8. Scientific Inquiry and Laboratory Techniques
    A. Scientific Methods
    B. Organization and Analysis of Data
    C. Safety
    D. Instrumentation
    E. Measurement
    F. Indicators
    G. Dichotomous Keys
    H. Dissection